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The church of the Holy Trinity serves a diverse parish and community. Our congregation is made up of local Filipinos who through birth or choice are Anglicans as well as expatriates from many nations whose jobs have brought them to the Philippines. They may be working for international companies, members of the diplomatic community or married to Filipinos and who find within the Holy Trinity community both acceptance as individuals as well as familiarity with the form of worship common in the Philippines.

The congregation has a large number of British and American families but also has representatives from many other nations including Australia, India Sri Lanka, Lebanon and many others. Our members come from many different cultural and church backgrounds. We are sensitive to the needs of all and are open to all whilst at the same time preserving a tradition of good worship and musical excellence.

Our worship is centered on giving praise to the Lord and our central celebration as a community is the Parish Eucharist. This takes place at 7:30 am and again at 9:30 am each Sunday. At the earlier service we use the more traditional texts while at the later service we use modern language. Our Sunday School children have a special time set aside for instruction within this service.

From our worshipping life grows the rest of our activities. These include: Sunday School: Our Sunday school meets each week at 9:15 am prior to the 9:30 am service. The children usually join the adults following the sermon and are addressed separately in order to reinforce what they have learned from the teachers and also to make them comfortable with our normal service of worship. Youth Activities:

Our church youth group meets once a fortnight following the 9:30 am service and pursues a range of activities chosen by the group members themselves. Our youth group is open to all between the ages of 12 to 18. Bible Study: Bible study classes are held each Wednesday evening at 7pm in the home of the Rector and finish promptly by 9pm. Church Choir: Giving praise to God through music is an important part of our tradition and our choir plays a vital role in bringing our services of worship alive. If you have musical skills and would like to become a member of our choir then we welcome all those who can keep a tune. Episcopal Church Women: Our church offers an active and international fellowship group that includes a range of activities to enrich the personal and spiritual lives of our members. This group provides an ideal way for newcomers to feel part of our local Manila community. Vestry:

Our Church is managed by the Rector and a Vestry of men and women who set policy and ensure that the finances remain healthy. A number of sub committees look after the day to day matters. Our parish office staffed by two administrators and an accountant can deal with many requests and assist visitors.

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